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USPS broken into Thursday night

There was a heavy presence of Police Officers at the Lumana'i building this morning after Police were informed the United States Postal Services was broken into last night.

Officers told KVKZ that this is the second time the postal service office has been broken into twice in two weeks.

The Officer said last week, the footage, they saw the culprit ripping open mail. Regarding the break-in last night, it's unclear whether anything was taken from the post office, as the investigation is underway.

As reported last month, the Department of Public Safety is investigating a spree of burglaries of businesses in the town.

Chief of Police, Pouuamea Tuaolo Supapo told KVKZ TV at that time, they were investigating a total of six break-ins consisting of offices and stores in Fagatogo, including the Lumana’i building, specifically the Western Union, Market place and the Samoa News building.

According to Supapo, some of the break-ins office supplies were taken along.

All three stores along the strip behind the courthouse were broken into. However, Supapo did not give any details of what was taken. She said that Police investigations into the burglaries are continuing.

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