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Vice Speaker verbally attacks Swains faipule

Vice Speaker of the House Fetu Fetui Jr threatened to punch the Swains Faipule Su’a Alex Eli Jennings in the mouth.

This was caught on a recording before the session on Tuesday. Su’a was heard telling the Vice Speaker his comments were disrespectful. In response, Fetu threatened to punch him in the mouth.

Lawmakers intervened in efforts to calm them down.

During the session, Su’a took the floor, expressing his concerns over his verbal spat with the Vice Speaker, adding that under the Constitution, it's clear that Swain's representative receives the same benefits as lawmakers of Tutuila, Aunuu and Manu’a except the right to vote.

Su’a said that his efforts to garner this right for Swains show that he is being singled out. He said for 18 years, Fetu has been disrespectful.

In response, the Speaker urged Su’a to address this issue directly with the Vice Speaker, but the House floor is not the avenue to address this matter.

Su’a retook the floor and noted that it may not be the right time to address this as they have a funeral to attend, but this had to be addressed.

Fetu acknowledged the Speaker’s decision and then turned to Su; and threatened to wring his neck.

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Jul 16, 2023

Give them boxing gear if they want to beef it out👏🤣

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