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Woman who lost two fingers released from the hospital

The 21-year-old woman who was admitted into the LBJ hospital on Tuesday evening after losing two fingers while on duty at the StarKist Samoa; was released home after spending a few hours in the surgical ward.

This was confirmed by Hospital Chief Executive Officer Dr. Ledua Akapusi in response to KVZK News.

Dr. Ledua said the Emergency Medical Services brought the female employee into the LBJ Emergency Room. She lost two fingers.

The woman underwent emergency surgery last night and will most likely be released today. Reports from the cannery workers confirmed the incident.

One of the Senior Workers at StarKist said the woman involved is a fish cleaner.

“The machines were not working, and while she pushed fish down the bin, the machinery started and took two of her fingers,” said the Senior Worker.

KVZK made efforts to get comments from StarKist Samoa regarding the incident.

Dr. Ledua, a former Workmen’s Compensation Committee board member, confirmed that the workmen's compensation covers employees injured while on duty.

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