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Tecnam delivers the first two P2012 Traveller piston twins for Pago Wings, owned by Laulii Alofa

Italian airframer Tecnam recently announced at the European Business Aviation Convention and Exhibition (EBACE) in Geneva, Switzerland, the delivery of the first two P2012 Traveller piston twins to Pacific Air Charters in American Samoa.

Under the brand name Pago Wings, Pacific Air Charters will expand its operations in the territory using the P2012s from Tecnam.

Aviation news reported that having operated in Hawaii since 2003, Pacific Air holds options for 23 more Tecnam P2012s.

CH Aviation in their report noted the Pacific Air Charters Inc. is a Part 135 air carrier. Under the terms of its US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Part 135 certificate, Pacific Air Charters/Pago Wings can provide on-demand, unscheduled air services.

The airline was recently acquired by the prominent Pago Pago-based Alofa family who want to expand air services in American Samoa. "We believe the Tecnam Traveller is a superior aircraft designed specifically for markets like American Samoa," said Pacific Air Charters CEO Marshall Ashley.

"These aircraft are brand new, comfortable, safe and reliable. We can’t wait to make them available to American Samoa’s domestic travelers.”

The turbocharged, twin-engine, P2012 seats nine passengers with either a single pilot or two crew.

Pacific Air Charters chose the optional premium interior, air conditioning and in-seat electric power outlets.

Francesco Sferra, who serves as Tecnam’s P2012 special mission platform sales and business development manager, as well as experimental test pilot, said: “The mission profile, orography of the region and geographical position make the Traveller the ideal choice to enhance safety and comfort for over water connections between islands and atolls outfitted of small runways.”

Efforts were made by KVZK News to get comments from Papalii Laulii Alofa the owner of Pago Wings for comments but were unsuccessful.

Photo Credit: TECNAM

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Jun 01, 2023

Are the airplanes in Am.Samoa now?

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